Patio Furniture: Benefits of Refurbishing vs. Buying New

When you purchased your patio furniture you loved it right? You probably spent a pretty penny on it depending the quality and brand. It already fits the size of your patio and you have enjoyed it for years, or maybe you inherited from family or just found some awesome vintage pieces that need some TLC. When patio furniture is starting to look old and worn, maybe it’s color is fading or chipping, the metal might be starting to rust, broken straps and torn cushions, most peoples thought is to throw it out and buy new, which in some cases needs to be done, but before you do that and spend all that money on new furniture, why not look into refurbishing it to look new again at up to 70% off over buying new.

Plus, you get to customize the look to match whatever you style. New or old, metal patio furniture can be brought back to life by refurbishing it. Sandblasting it down to bare metal and then applying new powder coating which is available is so many colors from basic white or black to neon pink, new vinyl straps in a huge selection as well. Adding new custom cushions and or pillows in any color as well. Refurbish you whole set from dining table and chairs to pool furniture and umbrella bases.